Premium Expansion Preview: Parsnips

Premium Expansion Preview Parsnips

New crops awaits you in the upcoming Premium Expansion for Farming Simulator 22 that launches on November 14th. We have already had an article about carrots this time we will learn a thing or two about next crop – parsnips. Stay tuned, a new article about red beets will be available soon as well.

Crop Type Info: Parsnips

Premium Expansion Preview Parsnips2

Depending on where you live, parsnips might be more or less common. It’s a versatile root vegetable. Creamy-white color and sweet, earthy flavor. Parsnips are often used in cooking for their hearty texture and slightly nutty taste. No surprise that the resident businesses of Zielonka, the new map of the Premium Expansion, process the crop to create delicious food items.

Need inspiration to cook with parsnips?

There’s almost nothing you can’t do with parsnips. You can, in almost every case, substitute carrots or potatoes and similar vegetables in your favorite recipes with parsnips!

Try parsnip soup, parsnip fries, parsnip risotto, parsnip gratin, parsnip purée. Mash them, fry them, glaze them with honey, or EAT THEM RAW (in a salad with apples and carrots, for example. Don’t be weird.)

Machines To Plant & Harvest Parsnips

Similar to the aforementioned carrots, you should keep the new field working step in mind when going for parsnips.

Premium Expansion Preview Parsnips3

After plowing the field, and before sowing the precious parsnips, you create ridges using ridge formers (or ‘rotary hillers’). It improves your yield, by the way, and counts towards the full stage of fertilization.

Premium Expansion Preview Parsnips4

The Premium Expansion provides you with new machines. Whether we’re talking the ridge formers like the GRIMME GF 400 & 800, or seeders like the Kverneland Miniair Nova series.

Premium Expansion Preview Parsnips5

For parsnips, you also have the choice between multiple harvesters: Operate the Dewulf ZKIVSE, a self-propelled 4-row top lifting harvester with discharge elevator, and the highlight machine of the expansion…

Premium Expansion Preview Parsnips6

… or a smaller, more affordable and trailed top lifting harvester like the Dewulf GBC (shown here while harvesting carrots). Whatever suits your financial situation and farm layout best.

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