This is not a mod! Unzip and replace each files and folders in the original mod folder.

Also after the update will release a savegame pack for it. Enjoy!

Please follow the tutorial made by Enowler how to add multi fruit on a map. The process is the same for Upper Mississipi River Valley.
Download for UMRV map
On the map Italia Emilia Extension please download Vineyard Pack Italia. I added the grapes (normal and white), that before harvest must be pre-pruned with a tool in that pack. Otherwise grapes won’t work and map won’t start.
Also for the carrot and onion harvest I added some mods as requirements that should automatically download from mod hub. Also you can check my Fortscritt Multifruit edit for a smaller machine.

Tutorial for multifruit:

Please replace also the character folder and add scripts folder directly in the map folder and the HOF Bergmann animals should work too (except cats – need a special placeable).

All credits go to the map maker DJ Modding and his team and Farmer Andy for animals.

– Added extra crops: rye, millet, beans, peas (WIP, the foliage is the same as beans for now, will put in the next update another foliage), linseed (with flax fiber as straw), hops, poppy seeds, carrot and onion but REMOVED olives and oilseed radish;
– I removed everything at Century Farm, excepting pigs and cows pens (fence can be removed in building mode), to be able to build your own farm as you want (left the pens, because there can’t be made placeables);
– changed the foliage and growth for alfalfa and clover, because they were not regrowing;
– added the new crops and straws to all the silos and productions, also most of them have contracts;
– added new products on the existent factories, accommodating the new crops
– added the animals from HOF Bergmann by Farmer Andy, including cats (cats eat mineral feed; they reproduce and can be sold);
– added cat zone (doesn’t have a visual limit, you might try several times untill you can place it right way, but I am sorry, but I don’t know how to edit it; I didn’t ported the food and transport from HOF B.) ;
– added calf igloos placeable in building mode (calves need straw and milk; the igloos are 2 different placeables: one with all the fences, the second to add in the empty spaces where the fences are; level the ground first);
– added a goat husbandry from HOF B. to get goat milk (!!! – removed fences, pasture pretty large give them some space; add inside only goats because the pallets spawn oddly one piece of wool o a pallet; for sheep use another pen/pasture);
– added my industrial greenhouse with new plants (I modified the existing one from my mods, to not get in conflict with the new crops on the map, mostly on pallets and prices);
– added a huge Corn Dryer and Grain Silo in the building mode;
– added a hayloft that accepts even bales (but gives bulk back) and an fermenting silo in the building mode (ones already on the map can’t be made as placeables);
– added a root crop storage that works with carrots and onions;
– added OmaTana’s growth calendar for those who want to play without seasons (just base game crops grow faster; I don’t know how to add for the new crops the nonseasonal growth to work properly; if you know, please add and contact me for an update);
– added custom traffic with custom vehicles


DISCLAIMER – When Edgewater Sask will launch, will most likely have another update.
– increased selling prices for adult angus, adult pigs and trained horses; horses now are worth raising – 500 a foal to 50000 a healthy trained adult horse (60 months)
– added soybean straw to peas and beans (now it is called legume straw)
– added new fertilizer – compost, that works and acts like manure, obtained in a composter (added to building store) by mixing slurry with straw, legume straw, corn stalks or woodchips
– added CCM raw and fermented; CCM RAW is obtained at grain mill from fresh corn (not dried) and CCM Fermented is obtained by fermenting it in the Fermenting Silo on the map or the placeable. CCM Fermented works like pig food, covering all the feed needs of the pigs.
– added romanian translation (Jinkou89) and czech translation (Beda CZ);
– fixed missing l10n lines;
– fixed navigation mesh on goat husbandry placeable (the path was given wrong, and animals wouldn’t appear visually)
– fixed flax harvest giving normal straw instead of flax fiber; now should work properly;
– other visual and error fixes.

The previous version has a error that all the crops won’t grow. The error is unfixable (as far as I know). So here is the pack redone, with fewer crops, but working like a charm.
Also with production and sellingpoints fixed.
PLATINUM DLC Reccomended (some recipes uses barrels, paper and carton rolls; will work without but might be errors in the log or even on production itself…)
More details in the ModDesc.xml
If you want to help with the translation file, please do, then contact me in the comments (will check more often) or on discord – GigiFrone#3272
For Romanian translation, will add it myself in the next update.

More details in the modDesc.xml

Next update plan:
– change peas foliage
– add swathing (if I manage to figure it out from Edgewater Sask, if not, will not be included)
– add translations
– fixes and improvements if needed.



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2 months ago

hey, just remind you that the “swathing Addon” by jos modding is not working in this multifruit edit. Could you please make that work.

3 months ago

Is there plans to make this and the map one file for the next update?

3 months ago

Rice no longer part of it?

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