90X200 SHED PACK V1.0

90X200 SHED PACK V1.0

This is my FS19 Conversion of my 90×200 Shed Pack Normal Mapped. This shed pack runs super smooth.

Has most of the FS 22 new placeable additions on it:
– Occluder Wall meshes ( derenders everything on the other side of the walls, works for inside and out)
– Hit R to turn on the inside Lights
– New Snow mesh on the roof
– Inside Areas added so when your vehicle goes inside the shed the sound changes and echoes like your inside a building (neat touch by Giants)

This Shed also comes with the original 6 colors that I have always released my buildings with, NEW for 19 there has been an additional 8 new colors for you to choose from. Future buildings and updates I will look into making them less cloggy in your shop menu.
– 14 Color choices, more then any other placeable out there
– Outside Lights that light up automatically at night, including the TPF building logo made by NDMM.
– Fits most big equipment, 50 ft headers fit through the doors.
– High enough rafters at 22 ft to fit any seeder through it.
– Seasons Ready


– TPF – Building model, Normal Mapped Tin, Ingaming.
– Nxtgen Mapping – Bi-Fold Door original models, 3d tin used for Normal Mapping
– NDMM – Making the TPF Building Logo
– Tester’s – Farm Sim Guy, Kederk Farms, Argsy Gaming, Fs Screenshots, Central Alberta Mapping and Modding, Maple Creek Modding and Media, Forward Ag, Atakan and the Server Group

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zip 90t200_shed_pack_fs22 5 MB

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P. G. Quasar
P. G. Quasar
1 year ago

Haven’t run this mod yet,but plan to soon.
Noticed that there was an error in my log file.
The zipped folder cannot have a number first in the file name.
Suggest adding “FS22_” without quotations to the beginning of the zip file name and then it should function. Will check later today.

2 years ago

I tried to unzip but I had no luck. Anyone else have luck with this? Looks like beautiful sheds!

2 years ago

have to unzip the file

Leonardo Ferreira
Leonardo Ferreira
2 years ago

the mod is not showing inside the game

Alex Ryan
Alex Ryan
Reply to  Leonardo Ferreira
1 year ago

aint working at all, did the renaming .. doesnt show up ingame.. maybe fix it and upload it under a working name. I do love these sheds.. sp it works after rename but on my server people who dont have it cannot download it in the modlist and join the server.

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