New: The Production Building Pack Guide (PDF)
The content of the production building pack is aimed at the German-speaking players of Farming Simulator 22. It is to be regarded as an ideal supplement to maps that are located in German-speaking countries. Included are the production buildings from the main game in German versions. They are characterized by a loving design work with many details and adjustments. For example, there are many interactive elements that are based on the seasons or times of the day. There are additional decorative items as placeable objects, such as signs, flags, or advertising showcases. The pallets of the productions were also processed and are now also German end products. The production cycles of the individual production facilities have also been revised and adjusted, which means that in most cases they are slightly faster with slightly higher production costs. The palette spawn spots have also been adjusted and are larger in most cases.

Contents of the production building pack:
• The “Augustushof”
• The “Bakery Weidmann”
• The “Old Dairy”
• The “Joinery Holzmann”
• The “Kaiser’s Mill”
• The “Rossmaier Oil Mill”
• “West Zucker AG”
• The “Deniz Import & Export”
• The “Big Cowshed”
• The “slurry pit”
• The “silage silo”
• Lots of “decoration items”


Changelog (January 27, 2023)
Medium package update

Medium package update

Medium package update

Due to patch 1.4 of the main game, a small update at short notice.
● The modDesc version has been increased
● “Slurry pit” the following corrections have been made:
– Fixed a problem with filling since patch 1.4
– A DirtMap has been added to the connector
● A typo in the modDesc that contained an ingame labeling error at the Weidmann bakery has been corrected
● The collision of the cake palette has been edited or corrected (thanks to Rolifinator for his tip)
● The cake palette ratchet collisions have been adjusted/corrected
● The collision of the rapeseed oil palette has been edited or corrected
● The ratchet strap collisions of the rapeseed oil palette have been adjusted or corrected
● Fixed the olive oil palette collision
● Adjusted/fixed the ratchet collisions of the olive oil palette
● The collision of the sunflower oil palette has been edited or corrected
● Adjusted/corrected the ratchet collisions of the Sunflower Oil palette
● Fixed an error that caused the message: “Error: Can’t load resource” on the cheese palette
● Fixed a problem with the collision of the decoration pallets on the mineral feed trigger of the large cowshed with the feeding robot
● “Augustushof” the following corrections have been made:
– The house number was moved down a bit, there was an overlap with the lantern (Thanks to Don_QuiShot for his tip)
– The old wine barrel has been given an interaction function, so it can now be shown or hidden – Two water connections for the fire brigade (underground hydrant) have been added
– Added some dirt stains (floor).
● “Big Cowshed” the following corrections have been made:
– The missing shadow cast was activated on the bollards
● “Factory site barrier” the following corrections have been made:
– Small changes / corrections were made to the model
– The AreaDefinitions have been changed
– Added three new versions (manual long + short and auto short)

BugFix / HotFix


Giants Software GmbH (Spieleentwickler)
Landbauer (3D Artist & Ingame)
BlackRaccoon (MOD-Tester)
Thorsten73 (MOD-Tester)

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