This mod is intended to be edited by the user and requires the UnitConvert mod to function. Do not rename this mod! This is a special set of xml files that is loaded after all other mods (and the map) are loaded.
The xml files in this mod can do everything you could do by editing the base UC mod’s xml files. The primary focus of the companion is multiplayer, so everyone has the same configuration. You can use it in single player as well, however. The only thing that overrides the settings of this mod are the values set in your modSettings folder (if any).
Remember, the modSettings values are for single player only. The UnitConvert Companion is both single and multiplayer.
Instructions and an extended configuration can be found in the xml files contained in this mod. Again, this is intended to be edited by you, the user. Updates to this specific mod by myself should come rarely.
NOTE: UnitConvert has the US units built into it. You do NOT need this mod if you just want to use the default configuration. This mod is meant as a quality-of-life mod for those that do not want to embed a more advanced configuration into their map(s) or edit the modSettings xml files (which are for single player only).

Install instructions
To import your previous configuration (if any) into this new version, follow these simple steps.
Open your edited (previous) version, browse to the xml folder, and copy all of your xml files into this new version. Overwrite any existing files.
Optionally, if you want the updated instructions included with this mod, you could simply copy your xml entries from the previous version over to this new version.
Updates to this mod, as I said before, will come rarely. Right now, everything is in beta, so things are subject to bugs/changes. With the mod name change, you will have to either rename the old FS22_TH_UnitConvertAddon to FS22_TH_UnitConvertCompanion OR follow the steps outlined above.



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