Universal Autoload  v1.0.0.0 beta update 023

Autoloader for flatbed trailers and semitrailer KRONE Trailer Profi Liner. This will automatically change base game trailers and will apply to all new or existing trailers on your farm. Please see the README file for instructions on adding your own trailers or pallets.

– Loads any compatible type of pallets/containers/bales (see list below);
– Installed automatically on any compatible trailers (see list below);
– Loading and unloading of the selected type of cargo or container / bale;
– It is also possible to limit loading to only full pallets;
– Select “ALL” to load mixed types sequentially;
– Mixed pallets are loaded in size order for best packing efficiency;
– Can interact with trailers when the player is on foot (even if not attached to a vehicle)

Special features for ‘KRONE Trailer Profi Liner’
– Loading/unloading is only available from the side where the curtain is open;
– Back loading directly from a fork loader;
– The tailgate and curtain can be opened and closed by the player on foot.

Customizable for the following types of containers:
– Large bags;
– Pallets with MKR;
– Pallets;
– Pallets for liquid IBC;
– Square bales;
– Potato crates (requires mod: Seed Potato Pack).

Configured for the following trailers:
– Brantner DD 24073/2 XXL (bale trailer)
– Bremer Transportwagen TP 500 S
– BÖCKMANN MH-AL 4320/35
– Demco Steel Drop Deck
– Farmtech DPW 1800 (standard)
– Fliegl DTS 5.9
– KRONE Trailer Profi Liner
– Kröger PWO 24 (standard)
– LODE KING Renown Drop Deck
– Welger DK 115 (bale trailer)


– Added support for pallets in the “Straw Harvest Pack”

– Added items and vehicles from Premium Expansion
– Fixed memory leak caused by graphical debug display
– Added a new global option `disableManualLoading` (default is false)

– Added vehicle settings for HayAndForagePack DLC
– Improved loading and unloading of round bales
– Improved frame rate when operating vehicles on foot

Version for Farming Simulator 2022 (v1.10x):
Reduced the lag in frame rate “on foot” when vehicles are activated only once every 500ms.

– Added support for compatibility with AutoDrive
– High menu priority mode is now used by default
– Improvements to the log loading algorithm
– Improvements to round bale stacking
– Added a minimum length option for loading logs
– Automatically add custom object types for any automatically defined objects
– Added a parameter to define an alternative root node for an offset
– Fixed a bug where loading round bales would affect the next vehicle to be loaded (appearing as full)
– No longer charges for manually loaded items or loading from console commands

Version v1.3.1.12
Fix for #166
This error was caused in the unloading MP event by a recently added new variable that did not have a default value. It should be fixed now, but I have not tested in MP yet so please let me know!

– Added better support for extendable vehicles
– Included config for Pfanzelt P13 4272
– Added “High Priority” flag for F1 menu
– Fix for issue where trailers were still considered as full after selling contents

Version v1.3.0.3
Allow first layer to load any height
Objects of any height can now be loaded on the first layer of any vehicles – unless they are marked as isCurtainTrailer or isBoxTrailer.
Before adding loading in layers this was the case anyway, but it was causing too many issues with tall objects that you would expect to load on an open flatbed trailer – e.g. prefabricated walls, shipping containers, etc.
This should now prevent any further issues such as #136
Let the first layer load any height
Items of any height can now be loaded onto the first tier of any vehicle – as long as they are not marked as isCurtainTrailer or isBoxTrailer.
Prior to the addition of layered loading, this was the case anyway, but it caused too many problems with tall items you would expect loading onto an open flatbed – e.g. prefabricated walls, shipping containers, etc.
This should now prevent further problems like #136

v1.3.0.2 Latest
Forgot to include config for Pfanzelt P13 4272
Had this config in my local settings, but forgot to include it in the mod

– Configured to support Platinum DLC
– Able to load lumber onto supported forestry vehicles
– Support for the new shipping containers
– Correctly handles the extendable “Schwarzmüller Low Loader 3A”
– Support for “Pumps and Hoses” DLC
– Support for bale collection mode in CoursePlay

Fixed a game breaking issue when pallets were too tall to load
Missed out a return from the getLoadPlace() function when messing with the shipping containers yesterday, so trailer was stuck in an infinite loop trying to load a pallet that did not fit in the available load height.

v1.2.3.8 Latest
Was a very small fix in the end – changed an argument to the ‘removeDynamicMountedObject’ function from false to true

– Hotfix for a LUA error that would sometimes occur for vehicles with multiple loading zones

– Added a bale collection mode
– Added an option for rear loading/unloading only
– Added support for autoloading pallets onto the train (vehicle carriage only)
– Added an icon in the shop configuration page to show when autoload is active
– Added global option “manualLoadingOnly” for a less cheaty “autoload light” option
– Added global option to charge per pallet loaded, e.g.: pricePerPallet=”10″
– Added disableAutoStrap option (global or per vehicle)
– Added no loading if covered/uncovered options (for trailers with covers)
– Added multiple loading zones (step decks can now load to both areas)
– Added loading of objects by hand (small objects or super-stength)
– Added new console commands (see readme file for more details)
– Implemented function to correctly remove event listeners (credit to GtX)

– Added different stacking heights for bales and pallets
– Pallets stack to different heights based on mass (to improve weight distribution)
– Improved manual loading and unloading with a forklift
– Manual side loading added to KRONE and low loader trailers
– Added Box Trailer vehicle type

v1.0.2.0 – Updated to work with

Changes in this version:
Fixed stupid MP mistake from versions 21/22
Removed side loading since it prevents manual unloading
Expanded installation to any vehicle with tension belts
Vehicle/implement must now be selected to use autoload
Removed triggers and loading volume from debug display
Debug display now greyed out for non-selected vehicles

NOTE: For now you can uncomment the lines in the vehicle settings to add side loading back if you don’t want to manually unload. I plan to add a toggle keybinding to make it selectable, along with a work mode for bales, etc.



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2 months ago

None of the keybinds will show up and won’t work even if I press them?

Reply to  BloodDrunk
2 months ago

Unplugged my controller and the keybinds showed up

5 months ago

Can i get this for xbox because I am currently loading pallets by forklift and it is painful

5 months ago

I use the LowLoader 3a with this, it’s great, except round bales, or round silage bales don’t stack, I can only get ten or so on the trailer at a time, please can you make it so that these bales can stack two high, to get twice as many of these onto the trailer?

8 months ago

How does this work, I can see all the keybinds in the settinngs, but none of them do anything. Is there a key combination I need to use to acticvate the mod?

10 months ago

I still have issues with game recognising trailer as full after selling or even just unloading. I had it also fill to just one row and than say it is full even though I had just transported 5 rows. It would also sometimes fasten the belts in middle of loading process and thus stop it.

Only way to debug it was to reset the trailer to the shop and reatach it. When the problems start there is no saying how it will work next time. Sometimes it works, sometimes it stops midway, sometimes it reporting full immediately.

I was only having this issue with mini square bales, but didn’t test anything else.

I have version 1.3.1.

Thanks for best mod of the game!

11 months ago

Love this mod so much. Worked great until just a couple days ago when it stopped recognizing newly spawned pallets; pallets that were already on the ground in the save file can be loaded/unloaded but any new ones generated are not able. I didn’t add any new mods or see any update news from the game, is there some kind of flag on each pallet that needs to be set a certain way to be loadable, and can it get confused somehow?

1 year ago

in the Settings XML – is it possible to adjust the orientaion of certain pallets on certain trailers?
Example – ‘planks’ on the Muller 3A – they’ll fit better when longitudinal and can stack 3 high on the lower part of the deck. I see the two sections and realize they are the two deck sections. Ideas?

1 year ago

игра не видит этот мод

1 year ago

Doesn’t work? I’ve tried it and all my other mods work but this one doesn’t
Trying with the semi trailer to load pallets but there is no prompt please someone help game is unplayable without autoloading

1 year ago

Does this need to be installed on the dedicated server as a mod?

1 year ago

wish the load and unload functions would work with autodrive

1 year ago

Great mod

Last edited 1 year ago by SciFiDriveBy1
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