Relight is a free lighting modification for Farming Simulator 22 that drastically alters the range of lighting conditions for a more immersive experience at no additional performance cost. At this time Relight works by being placed inside a mod map root folder and after a single xml line tweak works with no issue in multiplayer for everybody who has the same copy of the map. Map authors are welcome to incorporate Relight into their official map releases with no credit necessary but I do highly appreciate it. The goal was to improve the games lighting for all to enjoy! I would like to give a big thank you to The FarmSim Guy for helping test and doing a video preview of the mod on his youtube channel.

Relight has a variety of visual enhancements including:
SHADOW CASTING SUNSET/RISES with bright reds and oranges
WIDE RANGE OF BRIGHTNESS from intense warmly lit surfaces to completely unlit overcast terrain
CUSTOM CUBEMAPS that help ground objects into the world [vanilla cubemaps on the left | relight cubemaps on the right]
RELIGHT helps add that extra bit of warmth and believability into each scene.


Relight V1.2.0.0 Proshot Fix test

Big thanks to TwistedGA who was able to implement a fix to make Relight compatible with the Proshot Mod. This fix will be included in the next Relight release but for now it will stay seperate so we can test and make sure there are no more incompatibilities. While testing it ourselves we found that Easy Dev Commands does not play nice with the Proshot mod and breaks while loading cubemaps both vanilla and relight. If you find any bugs feel free to write them down in the comments and we will see what we can do to resolve the issues. 🙂

V1.1 Is now standalone! Can now be placed inside your mod folder to be enabled in the ingame mod menu.

-Refreshed the cubemaps to be a bit more accurate with more transitions between them.
-Added moonlight shadows back (Couldn’t originally have them without breaking relights sunrise/sunsets
-Minor adjustments to sun and moon brightness/sizes
-Fixed color correction error, now includes dummy color correction (I don’t like color correction, I don’t want to warp or crush the colors)
-Relight is now standalone, can be placed in mod folder and enabled ingame.



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zip FS22_RelightV1200Standalone_Proshot_Fix 10 MB

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2 months ago

I cant find where to turn it on

Sebastian Pareiro
Sebastian Pareiro
Reply to  drogo
2 months ago

Turn it on like a normal modification

2 months ago

so has it been fixed to run with easy dev mod?

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