DAVID BROWN 1210-1410 1974 V1.0

DAVID BROWN 1210-1410 1974 V1.03

Late easter release that wasn’t planned today but it seems okay to release anyway, it’s a model I got done for me, the modeler have permission to sell the model so I made a couple change on mine so it will not be the same as the publicly availlable one (when he put it for sale) I even tried to edit some ingame tire to make them look more used, not sure that really turned great, don’t select them if you don’t like them lol. So yeah it’s based on a tractor one of my uncle got in real life, so some things might not be like in your part of the world, I’m from canada and I’m not sure if everything is original on it, they’re really rare here, but I made options to include most of what I could see so it shouldn’t be too bad.



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