FENDT 900 S4 (IC) V1.0

FENDT 900 S4 (IC) V1.0

Hello this is my Fendt 900 S4 Edit with Interactive controll changed from Mouse controll
Thing i also added that are interactive:
Lights on Fenders
Airhorns on both sides of the Cabin
front flashers interactive on the hood
a interactive rope at the front
a turbo sticker at the front of the hood also
a Fendt sticker on the winschield
a Interactive Light inside the cabin
a interactive table and carpet inside the cabin also
In the Configurations inside the shop i added BKT force wheels And Trelleborg TM3000 wheels
you cann also change bewteen 2 Led light options
this Mod took me some time to create so i Hope you like it and share it with friends
Updates may come



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15 days ago

hi, just downloaded, nice looking tractor (in the picture) but not finding some of the things listed above: air horns, interactive rope, turbo/windshield sticker, no table or interior rug…really like the front bumper too but not an option included?

Perhaps tractor pictured and option list is from an earlier version not uploaded to FS22.com??

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