MTZ-2103 REWORK V1.2

MTZ 2103 V1.0

– Fixed physics;
– Set up goose. Now the asterisk rotates in the same way as the goose;
– Added animation gearshift levers;
– Made a manual transmission;
– Added a choice of counterweight;
– Cleaned the log, now there are only two warnings on the wheels, but this does not affect the game in any way.

Power: 156 kW / 212 hp;
Speed: 26 km/h;
Volume of a fuel tank: 500 l.;
Cost: 200,000 €;
– Choice of primary color;
– Choice of color of skating rinks;
– Choice of upholstery color;
– Choice of seat color;
– Two hood options;
– Two variants of wings;
– Passenger script.

All in-game functions are present: soiling, wear, animations of pedals, wipers, etc…


Changes in the rework:
– Sounds for each engine, namely D260.4S1 190hp (this was installed on Belarus 1523), the second engine D260.4S2 (installed on Belarus 2022)
– Added rust shader
– GPS (RealGPS script required)
– Configured tracks, gearboxes, road train lights come on when equipment is connected, turn signals now blink instead of staying on.
– The gear ratios and the speed of changing gears and range have been adjusted,
– The work of the recruiter has been adjusted.

Version 1.1:
– Repaired the checkpoint, now it works fine on the machine and on the autopilot;
– Added a flashing beacon;
– Added one more goslings, made them more under stretched;
– Transferred the state number to its native place;
– The log is now completely clean.


Trigada, Bear Farm, IGORyaN, Erlan10, Aluha74rus

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