URSUS C350-360 V2.0

URSUS C350-360 V1.0

Ursus C-Series:
-Price: 18,000
-Power: 45-62 [Hp]
-Version: c355,c355M,c360,c360 3p
-Category: Small tractors
-Transmission: Manual
-Interactive Control (bonnet, engine start, lifting and lowering machines, left and right doors, roof, rear window, disappearing doors on each cabin)
-Real sounds
-Dashboard: luminous
-Moving elements
-Clean log

[If you notice an error, write! Discord:miziuu]

-Engine Configuration
-Wheel Brand: 10 wheel options including 4×4
-Wheel settings: 5 options including fenders for 4×4
-Exhaust: 6 options
-Cabin: 24 options
-Lamps: 14 options
-Front mudguards: 4 options
-Grill: 12 options
-Front axle: 2 options
-Rear wheel weight: 7 options
-Stickers: 11 options
-Loader console: 9 options
-Front wheel load: 2 options
-Extras: 9 options
-Grill tray: 2 options
-Engine belt housing: 2 options
-Handlebar configuration: 8 options
-seat configuration: 3 options
-Box: 4 options
-Front weights: 7 options
-Cable on lights: 6 options, each for a different type of lamps
-Inscription on the grill plate: 3 options
-Rear and front registration
-Color: sheet metal, body, cabins, rims, grill, roof, weight, Replacement of the rear fender, front weight next to the Naglak cabin

Front loaders:
-spoon for the rope
– hydraulic bucket
– bale forks
– manure forks
-Tur T-261
-Tur Ursus
-Pallet forks
– manure forks


-Separation of models: c355-c355m, c360-c360 Turbo, c360-3p
-Each with different sounds and engine model including bonnet and clocks
-Common visual errors have been corrected
-Corrected steering rod
-Repaired straight exhaust animation
-Added steering wheel handbrake animation -Reworked rear tyres
-Rear and front tyres reworked
-Improved engine vibration
-Increased weight of the mod due to separation of the engine sounds of different models

-Added clocks and lamps of c355 model with engine configuration: c355,c355m
-Added rear cruise control at BK355 cab
-Added at 4×4 wheel configuration: drive axle
-Added new fenders under 4×4 fender configuration
-Improved rear lowering


Driver300, Gracjan26, wisniagames239, RsK, Erdian, Miziuu Convert FS22

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