GAZ-3307 V2.0.2.9

GAZ-3307 V2.0.2.4

Power: 130, 136 hp;
Speed: 90 km/h;
Fuel tank capacity: 90 liters.;
Cost: 39 110 €;
– Choice of cabin color;
– Choice of cladding color;
– Body color selection;
– Rim color selection;
– Body configuration;
– Side protection / rear bumper configuration;
– Configuration of additional lighting;
– Configuration of the road train sign;
– Tuning configuration;
– Decal configurations;
– Engine configuration;
– Wheel configuration;
– The sides are opening;
– Fixing straps;
– Dynamic hoses;
– Animated instruments, pedals, gear lever, gimbal;
– Working mirrors;
– Working lighting equipment;
– Leaves traces;
– Gets dirty and washes;
– The effect of aging;
Body volume: 6 000 / 11 500 / 17 000 L.;
– Support for “Interactive Control”.


Changes v2.0.2.9:
– Corrected collisions;
– Improved animations;
– Updated audio effects;
– Fixed the problem with the displacement of the rear axle relative to the wheels at low weight, thanks to the adjustment of the mass parameters;
– The audio files of the diesel engine (MMZ-D245) were replaced with better ones;
– Refueling tank triggers have been redesigned;
– New icons for interactive elements have been introduced;
– Added a grocery store with wear effects, stickers and animations;
– Food pallets are now automatically loaded in accordance with the mechanics of the game without the need to use additional mods for autoloading, special belts are provided for other types of pallets.

Changes v2.0.2.8:
– The brake system has been updated;
– Increased front headlights;
– Added a repair booth with the ability to repair equipment when opening the rear doors;
– Fixed loading of water into the tank from reservoirs;
– All triggers have been edited;
– Extended interactive for the repair booth;
– Also added a working handbrake on the interactive, compatible with the FS 22_Vehicle Control Add on mod;
– In addition, the door opening sound, which was not previously played outside, has been fixed.

Changes v2.0.2.6: – Editing components, light, shadows, wear, speedometer;
– Some animations switched to the dice version;
– Expanded interactive support;
– Expanded color palette;
– New tuning elements (decals, windshield, curtain options) and animations;
– Added a fuel tanker variant with its own attributes, wear, decals, beacons and animations;
– Added a milk/water tanker variant with its own attributes, decals, wear, and animations.
To avoid warnings in the log, it is recommended to buy/rent GAZ again if it was previously purchased/rented (since the registration has changed).

Changes v2.0.2.5:
– Lighting adjustment (fog lights can be switched on separately by pressing the Num 5 key);
– Engine and sound parameters have been redesigned;
– The braking force is prescribed;
– The checkpoint has been redesigned;
– Increased stability (from now on, it does not sag much when loading sand);
– Removed the stickers in the cabin;
– Added a description in ModDesc;
– New icons.


XXXni,FS22: Вика Одинцова

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