GIFU 405T/SISU M V1.0.0.3


– Price: 21000
– Power: 265 HP
– Supports vehicle sleeper cabin, InterActiveControl and passenger (Kubota DLC)
– 10000L volume
– 2.5M working width, intended as a transport vehicle instead of for fertilizing

Extra Note:
When using InterActiveControl and the Box or Slurry Spreader option, it is recommended to always close the doors (only from box upfit, not the cabin doors) / valves the way you opened them before, otherwise the animations may get out of sync, this can still be fixed by repeatedly folding/unfolding the doors/slurry spreader
If you do not use InterActiveControl you can entirely ignore this


-added Rába 571 trailer
(supports InterActiveControl and Universal Autoload, will also be further developed)
-added color configuration for cabin, chassis and bumper
-added real Sisu badges when using colorconfigurateable cabin
-added support for ,,Befa Shortwood Swap Body Pack” from ModHub (Swapbody)
-added support for ,,Jenz Crusher Swap Body Pack” from ModHub (Swapbody)
-added support for ,,Transport Swap Body” from ModHub (Swapbody)
-added support for ,,Platform Body” from ModHub (Swapbody)
(keep in mind that you should adjust the position of specifically those swapbodies listed above using mouse control)

-fixed not being able to fill from lakes/fuel stations for Universal Transport and Slurry Spreader Upfits
-Universal Transport now actually can be filled with all Liquids

-improved grip with old wheels, new wheels should still be better in terms of traction
-made mudflaps configurable (will have to be reconfigured)
-store now shows 120 kph instead of 90

Extra Notes regarding Autodrive/Courseplay
-when using Courseplay please set the working width to 10m manually, I haven´t found a fix for the inaccurate working width yet
(Base game Workers have been fixed since V1.0.0.2)
-extra note when using Autodrive, set the curve/corner speed to 50% and the maximum speed to +-80 , this should prevent the drivers from loosing control in most situations, also, using the newer wheels with more grip will help

-changed ,,Standard” configuration to ,,Swapbody” (they will automatically be replaced by it)
->Swapbody upfit can be used with Krone Swapbody Addon and Swapbodies from Mod
-added Hooklift configuration, can attach to any hooklifts, though they should be long enough for the frame, which most of them are
-added 4 other upfit variants for individual purposes (excluding configurations of the upfits themselves, there are now 19 upfit configurations in total)
-added Universal Autoload support for new upfits
-added new InterActiveControl points inside cabin (standard key to activate the points is <) -added 2 new cabin skins as configurations -added precision Farming support for Slurry spreader (Manure Sensing) -lowered price of ,,Universal Tank" configuration -,,Universal Tank" configuration can now transport any liquids, including milk, diesel etc. and modded liquids (this change is temporary until new upfits have been added) -added optional Front Wheel Drive, accessible under wheel configurations -added missing hose to Universal Tank and Slurry Spreader configuration -changed clutch pedal location to actual location in MSC -,,Slurry Spreader" configuration now needs to be unfolded (can also be done with InterActiveControl) -adjusted mirrors so they are now accurate -fixed issue where lights would get glossy if the vehicle was visually weared -added radio inside (only visual, except for InterActiveControl points) V1.0.0.1 !ATTENTION! With this update the mod has gone through internal changes, so any previously bought Gifus will loose their upfits, they will have to be reconfigured Changes: -prepared the mod internally for more upfit variants, though yet there are none current possible upfit configurations: -no upfit (doesn´t do anything) -slurry tanker for transporting slurry, digestate, water, herbicide and liquidfertilizer (cannot spread) -same slurry tanker for spreading slurry and digestate or transporting water -added support for fertilizer hoses from manure system due to new filltypes for transport variant -made work lights from slurry tanker configurable -changed handling slightly -actually made slurry animation visible this time, forgot two times in a row -changed working width to 10M -slight money balancing Work is still in progress V1.0.0.0 -added openable windows -added manure system support (one hose can be stored on each side) -adjusted rear lift axle slightly -fixed passenger door inverted faces -made slurry animation visible when spreading -fixed indoor cab sound increasing when lowering liftaxle [/spoiler] Credits:


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26 days ago

Straight ripped out of My summer car. What a shame.

Reply to  Danny
25 days ago

I agree with you!

1 month ago

I can’t attach the hose to the tank, doesn’t the hose stay on the rack while driving?

Mod Creator
Mod Creator
Reply to  atp
1 month ago

it can be locked on the sides, the hose only attaches to the angled connector, not the one with the handle on it.

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