PETERBILT 389 V1.3.0.1


Power: 460/880 hp;
Speed: 130 km/h;
Fuel tank capacity: 880 l.;
Cost: 119000 €;
– Selection of the main color;
– Choice of design color;
– Rim color selection;
– License plate configuration;
– Dynamic hoses;
– Animated dashboard;
– Working lighting equipment;
– Working mirrors;
– Leaves traces;
– Gets dirty and washable;
– Multiple design options (bumpers, exhausts, visor, tanks, steps);


– New, fully animated tag axel.
– Fixed dirt on mudguards

Changelog v1.2.0.3
– Wheel tires replaced. Now the game wheels are used.
– Redesigned rear mudguards. Collision has been removed and bone animation has been added.
– The 5wheel has been replaced, new animations have been added.
– The frame is now painted in a separate slot.
– To enable/disable JakeBrake you now need to use the IC mod.
– Added hand animation when changing gears, added ifta logo and many other small changes

Changelog v1.2.0.2:
– Added two new visors
– Beacon lights configuration
– Minor optimization of the model, removed the warning in the log about the large weight of the model. Now the log is clear
– Jake Brake can now be turned on/off using a key on the panel (you will need the simple IC mod for this). Added key animation and added display on the dashboard.
– Added antenna animation
– Added stock Peterbilt wheels, removed Mayhem wheels.
– Added the ability to sit as a passenger (requires Kubota DLC or UNIVERSAL PASSENGER mod.

Changelog v1.2.0.1:
– More fuel tank options.
– Fixed fastening of large fuel tanks.
– Lots of changes in the cabin. New interior parts. The interior light has also been redesigned:

when you press ctrl+f, only the central light will turn on. The side lights turn on only when the doors are opened.
– 18 speed gearbox configured.
– Redesigned sleeper. New sleeper suspension. The distance between the sleeper and the cabin is now correct.
– Shadow box fix
– Added one visor
– 379 style headlights improved.
– The seats (as well as the camera in the cabin) can be adjusted to your desired height using the mouse.
– New exhaust pipes and also their correct fastenings.
– And many more small changes.
– Optimized model, more than 450k polygons were removed from the previous version, without loss of quality.

Changelog v1.2.0.0
-New engine and transmission settings
-Single exhaust pipe removed
-Added side lights to sleeper
-Many changes in the interior:
Steering wheel rotation has been fixed
Changed instrument arrows, lighting, loading display and navigation display
Removed dirt from the interior
Added and animated clutch pedal
Added wiper sounds
Added sounds for opening/closing doors

-Lots of small changes:
exit point has been adjusted, gimbal rotation has been adjusted,
sleeper now casts a shadow on the ground, doors no longer fit into mirrors when opened,
added dirt to parts that were not dirty before

What’s new:
Fixed the light on the dashboard. The interior light is turned on by Ctrl+F. All errors in the log have been removed.
Fixed a bug with exhaust pipes and added smoke. New engine sounds and the sound of the additional axle lowering.
Mirrors are adjusted.


Expendables Modding, arlan6, Ponderosa Logging, GDNfix

4.2/5 - (37 votes)

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2 months ago

Its in my mod folder but does not work

4 months ago

Can you gusy add on xbox ok

4 months ago

Nice truck, just could of done without the bad language in the store “Government Bulls>>>” and the naked lady hood ornament. Kids play this game too.

5 months ago

Id love to be able to get the single axle version that is pictured, almost like false advertising lol. Please either fix your pictures or fix the mod to give us the single axle option

Farmer's Wife's boyfriend
Farmer's Wife's boyfriend
6 months ago

lol all the comments from the console peasants….

farmers husbands girlfriend
farmers husbands girlfriend
Reply to  Farmer's Wife's boyfriend
6 months ago

*laughs in computer*

6 months ago

Plz add to ps4

6 months ago

plz add to Xbox I’m a huge truck fan

6 months ago

can you guys ad this on xbox

6 months ago

Can these please be added to xbox?

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