Farming Simulator 22 Soil & Grass Rollers

Farming Simulator 22 Soil & Grass Rollers

Want to know everything you need about soil & grass rollers?. In short they help to improve the yield. Let’s dig into more detail explanation.

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How Rollers Work

There are two different types of rollers in the game. Soil rollers, found in the ‘rollers’ category of the shop, and grass rollers, found in the ‘grassland care’ category of the shop.

Regular rollers are used after sowing, when the field is already cultivated and the seeds are in the soil. With a roller, you condense the soil, and therefore increase its quality to increase the yield.

Tip! If small stones are left on the field as a result of cultivating, and because you didn’t use a stone picker to remove them, a roller will press them back into the ground.

Warning! Stones left on the field can damage your machines…

Grass rollers are different. They are used after mowing grass. If the grass is harvested, you roll over what’s left to prepare for the next growth cycle. By doing this, you automatically gain a fertilizing stage. Note, that if you roll over matured grass, its growth stage will reset.

How to Use Rollers

Using a roller is fairly easy. You attach them to your tractor, unfold them, lower them to the ground, and start rolling.

Some rollers have two connection points, though. One is for transport, only. After unfolding, another connection becomes available to use it on the field. So, you have to attach it from the other side to use effectively use the roller on the field.

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2 years ago

“You can roll before seeding to remove the stones from the field so you won’t damage your seeder.” Is this hypothetical, or has anyone tested it out? I have read online (IRL farmers) that the equipment that gets damaged if stones are poking up is the harvester, if it picks them up. I’ve also read some farmers use rollers pre-seeding for a flatter surface, for better depth control and better yield. Some use after, to compact soil, for better yield. Giant needs to be clearer on this, especially since the last patch seems to have changed things in this area.

2 years ago

It’s not an error. You can roll before seeding to remove the stones from the field so you won’t damage your seeder. This will give the seedbed state. Then after seeding you roll again to improve yield. If you don’t care about stones and just want a higher yield you can just roll after seeding. The seedbed state has no effect on the yield.

2 years ago

This says roll after seeding, but you have to roll before to get seedbed and rolling after seems to have to impact. Do you have to roll before and after? Is this an error?

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