Farming Simulator 22 Tutorials

Farming Simulator 22 Tutorials

If you are new to the Farming Simulator games franchise but want to try this game and have 0 knowledge how things works in the farming world here you will find many tutorials what and how to do various things to run a successful farm. Find all the basic tips how to set up your game and to become top class virtual farmer!

Note: Tutorials are optimized for the latest version of the game (Farming Simulator 22) – but, a lot of tutorials work on other installments of the series, too!

Game Basics

Introduction to the tutorials
Settings & New Save Game
HUD & Menu
How to Start & First Machines
Introduction to Shops & Dealers
Introduction to Build Mode
Introduction to Seasonal Cycles
Introduction to the AI helper
Icon Overview

Ground Working 101 – learn about fields!

Introduction to Fields
Improving Yield
Weeding & Spraying
Plowing & Cultivating
Seeding & Planting
Grass & Soil Rolling
Stone Picking

Crops 101 – learn how to sow and harvest crops!

Introduction to Crops
How to Sow and Harvest Grains
How to Sow and Harvest Grapes
How to Sow and Harvest Olives
How to Sow and Harvest Potatoes
How to Sow and Harvest Sugar Beet
How to Sow and Harvest Cotton
How to Sow and Harvest Sunflowers
How to Sow and Harvest Poplar
How to Sow and Harvest Corn/Maize
How to Sow and Harvest Sugarcane

Animals 101 – learn how to treat your animals!

Chickens: Housing, Feeding & Breeding
Cows: Housing, Feeding & Breeding
Beekeping – How to keep bees
Sheep (coming soon)
Pigs (coming soon)
Horses (coming soon)

Machines 101 – learn how to operate machinery!

(coming soon)

Forestry 101 – learn how to cut trees!

(coming soon)

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