Farming Simulator 22 Tutorials

Farming Simulator 22 Tutorials

If you are new to the Farming Simulator games franchise but want to try this game and have 0 knowledge how things works in the farming world here you will find many tutorials what and how to do various things to run a successful farm. Find all the basic tips how to set up your game and to become top class virtual farmer!

Note: Tutorials are optimized for the latest version of the game (Farming Simulator 22) – but, a lot of tutorials work on other installments of the series, too!

Game Basics

Introduction to the tutorials
Settings & New Save Game
HUD & Menu
How to Start & First Machines
Introduction to Shops & Dealers
Introduction to Build Mode
Introduction to Seasonal Cycles
Introduction to the AI helper
Icon Overview

Ground Working 101 – learn about fields!

Introduction to Fields
Improving Yield
Weeding & Spraying
Plowing & Cultivating
Seeding & Planting
Grass & Soil Rolling
Stone Picking

Crops 101 – learn how to sow and harvest crops!

Introduction to Crops
How to Sow and Harvest Grains
How to Sow and Harvest Grapes
How to Sow and Harvest Olives
How to Sow and Harvest Potatoes
How to Sow and Harvest Sugar Beet
How to Sow and Harvest Cotton
How to Sow and Harvest Sunflowers
How to Sow and Harvest Poplar
How to Sow and Harvest Corn/Maize
How to Sow and Harvest Sugarcane

Animals 101 – learn how to treat your animals!

Chickens: Housing, Feeding & Breeding
Cows: Housing, Feeding & Breeding
Beekeping – How to keep bees
Sheep: Housing, Feeding & Breeding
Pigs: Housing, Feeding & Breeding
Horses: Housing, Feeding & Breeding

Animals 102 – Silage & Total Mixed Ration

How To Produce Silage
How To Produce Total Mixed Ration (TMR)

Forestry 101 – How To Plant & Harvest Trees!

Introduction to Forestry & Tree Types
Planting Trees
Felling Trees: Deciduous
Felling Trees: Conifers
Transporting Logs & Woodchips via Trailers/Containers
Forestry Mulching – Get Rid of the Stump!
How to Produce Wood Chips
Using Tree Markers & Meaning of Symbols (Platinum Feature)
Breaking Rocks With The Hydraulic Breaker (Platinum Feature)
How to Use Winches to Move Logs (Platinum Feature)
How to Use Yarders to Move Logs (Platinum Feature)

Machinery 101 – How To Use Machines & Tools!

Loading Machines: Front-, Wheel-, Skid-Steer-Loaders, Telehandlers & Forklifts
Front Loaders, Front Loader Attachments & Tools

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1 year ago

I have not found a tutorial or a hint of a tutorial on how to load train cars…help!!

Reply to  Russell
1 year ago

you have to put your product in the silo (grain west/east silo), then rent the train, back the car up to the silo deposit, fill the car then drive the train off the map. once you hit the map wall you’ll be kicked out of the train and get a pop up asking if you want to sell your product. Hope this helps! If you need more detail, let me know!

Lynn Moorhead
Lynn Moorhead
1 year ago

I wish I had found this before I started playing, because I found the in-game Tutorial mode severely lacking and have made a LOT of costly mistakes in trying to figure out what equipment to use for certain tasks or even how the heck to use it. I’m playing on PS5 so it took me quite a while to figure out how to USE attachments, etc… but now after a few days, I’ve been slowly figuring things out, and am debating just restarting with the new knowledge I learned by trial and error, and NOW with your help from these pages.

2 years ago

I love you guys

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