DT-75 PACK V1.0.0.2

DT-75 PACK V1.05

The tractor has been produced by the Volgograd Tractor Plant since 1963, or more precisely, from December 30, 1963 (according to other sources, since 1962), the Pavlodar Tractor Plant was produced en masse from 1968 to 1992, in relatively small quantities in the 90s years. The number of tractors produced at VgTZ from 1962 to 1995 was 1,652,500 units, at PTZ from 1968 to 1995 – 862,300 units. The first two experimental DT-75s were assembled at VgTZ on July 16, 1956. In May 1960, a decision was made to reconstruct the plant and switch to production of the DT-75 tractor. On August 28, 1967, serial production of the DT-75M tractor began at VgTZ; in 1969, production of the DT-75B swamp tractor began (according to other sources, in 1968). At PTZ the first tractor was produced on August 12, 1968 (DT-75M). The difference between the tractors of the Pavlodar Tractor Plant and the tractors of the Volgograd Tractor Plant is the presence of the inscription “Kazakhstan” instead of “DT-75” on the sides of the hood, color (blue with a matte white cab top for DT-75M, yellow for DT-75ML, DT-75T versus the usually red color for VgTZ tractors). Tractors with a fuel tank located to the left of the cab (for example, DT-75V, DT-75MV, DT-75N) were produced only at VgTZ. Yellow tractors with a large cab (DT-75ML, DT-75T) were produced only at PTZ.

– Price: $15,000;
– Power: 90 hp ;
– Maximum speed: 12 km h;

– Shields;
– Headlights;
– Caterpillars: narrow, wide;
– Blade: 1 cylinder, 2 cylinders;
– Engine shields;
– Front counterweight;
– Wings ;
– Mud flaps;
– Toolbox ;
– Air filter;
– Exhaust pipe;
– Oil pan protection;
– 4 types of checkpoints;
– Hood and roof protection;
– Cooperative sign;
– License plate;

– Main;
– Design;
– Decals;
– Shields;
– Hydraulic cylinders;
– Loaders;
– Katkov;
– Roofs;
– Protection;

The pack includes:
– Tractor: DT-75;
– Loaders: PTS-77, PFP-1.2, TO-7, PND -250;
– Attachments: Counterweight, Short and regular blades, Bucket, Forks for logs, Forks for manure;

Supports Interactive Control


– The TO-7 loader has been fixed, now it works as it should;
– Minor edits and improvements;

Changes v1.0.0.1:
– Fixed the sound when the hire is working, removed the inclusion of you;
– Fixed the hitch;
– Fixed AI;
– Increased unloading speed of all loaders;
– Fixed Fill Volume on PTS-77;
– The configuration of tension belts was added to the forks for logs;
– On the DT-75, FoliageBending was added for tracks and the track width was fixed;
– Minor fixes and improvements.



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