Welcome to Ballam Rd Dairy Farming based in north west England.
– Geo and crop calender based from Blackpool England
– 2 owned farms containing 5 cattlesheds and 5 cattle pastures
– Pastures have been loaded with 1 years supply of hay to simulate grazing and to enable milk production
– Begin the game with 120 dairy cows and 100 beef cattle
– Farm shop and dairy at starting farm
– No sleep trigger allowing you to place a doormat and live at any house on the whole map
– 6 sell points
– 25 fields
– 5 Custom built Cattlesheds
– 5 Custom build Cow Pastures
– Custom soil map from taken from Birks farm and Home Farm area’s
– Contracts installed into the map
– All the cattle pastures can be sold to allow for placing your own animals
– Large buildable area in the second farm
– Special thankyou to AlienJim for allowing me to use his parked vehicles mod and a huge thankyou to MrFarquar for all his help with building this map and testing along with Mafia X Phantom


– Added a Horse pasture
– Increased capacity of the SideShed from 32 to 57 cows
– Fixed slurry and manure visability when being sprayed onto fields
– Feeding cows silage now gives 90% and adding potatoes or sugar beets to the feed will give an extra 10% (tmr)
– New save only required for Horse pasture

– Removed 40 ground textures from the map to enable loading on 1st generation consoles
– Totaly rebuilt the 3 cattlesheds at the main farm in blender
– Rebuilt the calving shed, farmshop store and farmshop in blender
– Removed a collision at the pond
– Now start the game with a green feeding wagon
– Lag has been grately reduced at the main farm
– New saved required

– Removed outer map border to stop crashing issue on 1st generation consoles
– lowered the clip distance on several items in and around the cattlesheds to reduce lag
– Added rolling door onto the milking parlour
– Changed the food intake for cattle, cattle can now be fed silage and grass fed cows have a better yield result for milking reasons
– New save not required but for rolling door to show in game then a new save is required

– New calving shed
– New up to date parlour
– New grass and meadow textures with longer grass
– New ground textures throughout the map
– Moved the milk collection point at the rear pasture
– New farmhouse model
– smaller cattle nav meshs to reduce lag
– New wider planks on Newcattleshed to reduce lag
– lots of extra detail
– 4 new types of hedge to reduce lag
– New house building models
– Village has had a new makeover
– Sign posts added throughout the map
– Manure spawn point for Sideshed moved
– 2 new map borders to give a more natural feel
– On a new save 1st cut silage is already cut and covered in the silage clamp, you also start with hay and straw bales leaving less work to do on day one
– Gate collision fixes
– Outer land is now free to purchase
– Prices have been increased for the Pemberton Farm shop
– Ground textures completely remade on the second farm called HomeFarm
– You now own the horse manure pit at HomeFarm and it already contains manure
– New roof designs on buildings in the farmshop area to reduce lag
– Dividing wall removed from the shed opposite the New cattlesheds
– Extra road markings added
– New save required


FS Landscaping

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Stuart Macrow
Stuart Macrow
1 year ago

Thanks for your hard work ☺️ I have be wait for it

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