Welcome to Greenhills Estate
The Greenhills estate is located in the heart of the English countryside and has been
left as pasture land for many years, now the land is being sold for farmland.
The local land owner and neighbour have some fields, so some contracts may be avaliable.

Have you got what it takes to create fields, build production chains,
complete contracts, and become a profitable farmer?

The map is standard 2km x 2km size and includes:
– 4 fields
– 57 buyable farmlands
– 2 Forestry areas
– Sale points for grains, bales, and production items
– Sawmill
– Extra ground angles
– Extra paintable terrain textures
– Extra decroative plants and bushes
– UK License Plates
– Custom soil map for precision farming

– No traffic
– No Pedesrians
– No collectables

The map has the standard seasonal growth plan


* NOTE This update will require a new savegame

– Removed Multi Terrain Angle
– Custom lighting and colour grading
– Added more fields. Now 7 fields
– Updated farmlands. Now 76 buyable farmlands
– Lowered the cost of farmlands
– Redesign of PDA
– Redesign of map borders
– Updated starting vehicles in New Farmer mode
– Created seperate selling station at the farmers market for bales
– New flood lights added to Vehicle Shop, Selling and Buying locations
– Added a few more decorative plants
– Updated AI splines for gravel road and selling/buying locations
– Updated snow mask
– Added sleep trigger at vehicle shop
– Added wardrobe trigger at vehicle shop
– Added Manure buy and sell points
– Added Slurry buy and sell points
– Lowered the amount of cut grass on Grass fields and Meadows
– Lowered the sell prices for Grass, Hay, Straw, and Silage

– New sawmill with new products
Fence Rails
Fence Posts Square
Fence Posts Round
Gate Posts

– New fence and gates added to the build mode
– New hedgerows added to the build mode
– Custom US meadow grass (removes warning from log)

– All the fences, gates, and hedgerows within the map can be removed from the build mode

Changelog (Update provided by ModHub Team):
– Increased modDesc version
– Fixed terrainShader



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1 month ago

Love this map. There’s not many English maps to play, especially blanks ones that allow you to do what you want. I have one small request, can you make it so the bushes inbetween the fields can be removed? I would love to make a small village and factory area but I’m restricted with what I can do because I can’t remove the bushes! TIA

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