TALBACH 2K22 V1.0.3


The original – HeniJimdrix’s card finds its way back into the LS22
You need some mods for the map, you can find the links at the end!

Welcome to the Talbach in the LS22,
with this card I installed and adjusted everything that the LS22 has to offer. I liked it very much
I enjoy taking care of this map and we are very proud of the result.
On the map you will find well-known things rebuilt:

main courtyard:
Restructured yard with a lot of new things like cowshed / chickens / workshop / hay storage / feed mixing plant and much more

pig farm:
A private pig farm to farm when the land is bought. There is space for your own buildings

horse farm:
Here, too, whoever buys the land can keep horses and farm this farm. There is still enough space for your own

In addition, there is a sheep pen and an open sheep pasture on the map for farming

Distributed on the map you will find various production chains for the further processing of your raw materials.
These include bakery / old dairy / sawmill and much more

Points of sale:
The produced productions can then of course be sold at various points of sale.
These include supermarket / hardware store

If you want to start multiplayer, you can set up a fleet of larger machines here on a spacious area.
53 fields and meadows are available for agricultural life, which can be managed with small to medium-sized vehicles.

Required mods:
Bavarian Farm Pack 1: Bernie_SCS
Bavarian Farm Pack 2: Bernie_SCS
MW Hof BGA: BernieSCS, Zetor6245
Animated Building Pack: ALiEN JiM
Farm gas station: VertexDezign
Solid Manure And Slurry Dealer Pack: Puma 145
Production Building Pack: Farmer
Road Salt Box: Farmer
Storage Of Root Crops: Dogface
Sawmill Pack: OlaHaldor
Seed Production: Vanquish081
Lime factory: Team IWMM

Optional mods: precision farming

Closing word:
At this point I would like to thank everyone again, I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone, but my biggest thanks
goes to HeniJimdrix and Jogi for permission to work on this map.
I would also like to thank my testers “TeachM3 and Felicity” for their great effort in creating the map, which found various errors and bugs.
Special thanks also to all modders / mappers for creating and providing various objects / buildings that are used here


Removed large vehicles from the missions
Created new soilmap for the map
XML fixes & adjustments
MP XML removed due to problems… New courtyards have to be created by yourself again
New decorations installed by Landbauer (see link below)
Added liquid manure pit at Kuhhof for intermediate storage of liquid manure / fermentation residues

Added new ball bearing (see link below) as many have trouble loading the old one
Moved the pallet spawner at the sheep paddock
Thanks to “TeachM3” for renewing the launch vehicles
Trees on Feld24 placed back on the edge
Various buildings can now be sold for new ones
Schweinehof: wedge silo, tool cabinet, Kärcher and charging station removed, buildings can also be sold for new ones
Kuhhof: All buildings can now be sold without the decoration disappearing… This can be removed / readjusted for private purposes in the GE
Horse farm: All buildings can be sold for new ones
Various fixes

Added Fruit Destruction 22.1: AgrarAffe
XML fix for road salt box
XML fix for missing buildings
Exchanged Schweinehof wedge silo
Removed unusable decoration
Floor in cowshed raised and painted
Added MP XML for various farms
Places of missing buildings restored
Space next to Feld32 belongs to the Schafhof and can be built on after purchase
All road signs are now dynamic
Small visual adjustments
Added a rake as a launch vehicle



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