The Romboz Road V1.3

The Romboz Road V1.0

Welcome to The Romboz Road, you are in France in the breeding region of the Comtois horse, but also in an area where the famous cheese ‘Le Comté’ is produced.

The card includes:
– 60 arable fields of all sizes.
– 20 pastures.
– 20 forest areas.
– 5 ready-to-use slots to build your own farm.
– 3 stores to sell your productions.
– 1 sawmill.
– In easy mode you have a fully equipped farm.

Explore the forest you will find smugglers stories, cultivate large plots of up to 30 ha or focus on cattle breeding to produce cheese.

Required Mods:
– Placeable Power Line (By: TopAce888)


– Fixed fields for missions: flattening and edge correction.
– Added missions for balers.
– Added buildings.
– Added a stream and water animations.
– Added additional dirt roads.
– Pda improvement

– Added many paths to connect fields.
– Redistricting of plots in the departure area.
– Redesign of the Pda.
– Addition of production buildings.
– Addition of a pond to draw water from.
– Added wild animal sounds.
– Optimized the appearance of trees.
– Added mushrooms to collect in the forest.

– Fixed swath presence and grass cutting issues.
– Added ground texture pack.
– Added wildlife: birds of prey and butterflies.



2.1/5 - (24 votes)

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zip FS22_RombozRoad 306 MB
zip FS22_powerLines 185 KB

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2 months ago

it said it needed…2nd time i tried it offered the d/l from modhub and seems to open map up now…nice looking map…BTW!!

Mike Carroll (Grandad525)
Mike Carroll (Grandad525)
1 month ago

Have the AI Glitches been fixed yet. I posted elsewhere that AIs will not go home from Shop. Walking on fields does not show who owns the field or what the status is. After mowing field no grass. Texture looks mulched or painted .cant bale or pick up

Mike Carroll (Grandad525)
Mike Carroll (Grandad525)
1 month ago

PS I meant to add. I liked this map and the loadout was generous and sensible for NF. I did change a couple of tools and animal stuff as I like to do arable farming. other wise its a nice map

Last edited 1 month ago by Mike Carroll (Grandad525)
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