A piece of an imaginary municipality of Hoikka in Kainuu, Finland, inspired by the acclaimed Finnish television series “Metsolat”.
– 12 contract fields of various shapes and sizes.
– Another 48 pieces of land covered mostly by rocky, coniferous forest.
– 3 buyable private roads that connect parcels to main roads. Winter maintenance of these smaller roads is up to you.
– Two small lakes surrounded by woodland.
– A purchaseable grain mill.
– Not only a pre-placed buyable sawmill, but also ones that can be built by the player.
– A custom pallet type for planks: stacks that make handling large quantities of lumber a bit quicker.
– An increased selection of constructable player homes.
– A new factory that produces barley juice, a northern alternative for vanilla grape

– Another new production building: oat cereal factory. Makes cereal out of materials that fit the northern setting.
– Harvest levels that are adjusted mostly according to real life sources, while still being balanced for the game.
– A custom crop calendar.
– A soil map for Precision Farming DLC.
– An economy in which more than just few production chains are worth investing in.
– Finnish licence plates. Featuring EU plates, plain white plates and orange tractor plates.
– Dark and snowy winters that put your winter equipment to the test.
– Selling stations for all products appropriate for the setting. These include a grocery store, a hardware store, a freight terminal, an animal dealer and the small farm all viewers of the tv series know.


-Fixed: The selling station at Kaukovaara Estate is now better at buying bales from trailers.
-Fixed: The selling station at the grocery store is now better at buying pallets from front loaders.

IMPORTANT: Old saves are compatible only if these measures are taken:
1) Back up your savegame.
2) Open the placeables.xml file of the new map version.
3) Open the placeables.xml file of your own savegame.
4) Copy and paste your own buildings to the placeables.xml of the map.
5) Do not overwrite the placeables.xml of the map.
6) Replace the placeables.xml of your savegame with the one you edited.
If this is not done, some map buildings will be missing. This is because those are now placeables and not fixed to the map.
I apologize for the inconvinience, but this is necessary for interactivity of pre-placed buildings.
Additionally, the ground below logs of the new wood selling station won’t update by itself, but can be altered with regular terrain tools.

– Added: Platinum Expansion product support to selling stations. However, no DLC is required for playing the map.
– Added: A new wood selling station that exports wood out of the map without ever filling up.
– Added: Warning stripes to selling stations that didn’t have them.
– Added: Default farmlands and buildings for New Farmer mode.
– Added: Some default equipment for New Farmer mode that fit the lore of the farm in the tv series. New Farmer still has to make choices though, since there are not many pieces of vanilla equipment old enough for the starting farm. What is important is that New Farmer now has more starting capital.
– Added: A pre-placed forklift that is owned by the hardware store but can be used by the player. Functions similarly to the default vehicles at the iron mine in Silverrun Forest.
– Added: Leppävaara farm as a functional farm. Includes a small cowshed, a silage production silo, a hay loft, a barn, a fuel tank and the house. The cowshed has no interior as of yet, but can be added in the future if I find the time to model it.
– Added: Kaukovaara estate as a buyable homestead. While the animal trader there cannot be removed, it will pay you rent.
– Added: The pre-placed homes in the village as buyable homesteads. Tearing them down is prohibited by city planning though.
– Added: The residential apartments in the village as ownable lots. These will produce rental income, but similarly to homes in the village cannot be completely turned into potato fields.
– Added: The winter maintenance of roads at the Leppävaara farm as an optional feature. If you remove the tree stumps at the farm, you will be responsible for clearing snow there.
– Added: A map marker for the Farming Shop fuel tank.
– Added: Custom visuals for the Farming Shop fuel tank. For those wondering, fuel oil in Finland is diesel with a lower tax and is allowed for use in agricultural machinery with certain restrictions.
– Added: More trees to regions outside the playable area.
– Added: Parked cars and some decorative objects near npc buildings.
– Added: Decorations to pre-placed dairy and sawmill. Can be sold by the player to make space.
– Added: Normal maps to snow on roofs and some other textures.
– Added: A new placeable machine shed.
– Added: A new placeable marker stick that can break if hit.
– Added: Placeable flagpoles. No flags as of yet.
– Changed: The two gray barns near the career start point can now be removed.
– Changed: The land below the pre-placed dairy and sawmill can now be bought.
– Changed: The ownership of public roads now belongs to surrounding parcels, making new intersections much easier to build.
– Changed: Many new smaller parcels were formed out of the largest parcels. If you savegame was affected, feel free to fix it through adding money to your savegame.
– Changed: The AI driving direction at the sawmill was switched to better fit the new log selling station.
– Changed: The order of letters on license plates is now so that in PDA it would read “ABC-123” instead of “ABC123-“. This affects existing vehicles with license plates, but can be fixed at a vehicle workshop.
– Changed: The visuals for the manure in the manure heap at the animal trader are now provided by the placeable instead of terrain.
– Changed: Store icons of placeables are now generated by the official store icon generator.
– Changed: Swapped the icon of barley juice to reduce blurring.
– Changed: Grass can no longer be harvested during winter.
– Adjusted: The pre-placed dairy and sawmill can now be sold and replaced by another type of building if needed.
– Adjusted: The placement criteria of sawmills are now more precise.
– Adjusted: The log storage capacity of sawmills was increased.
– Adjusted: Sawmill pallet spawners now suit both vanilla and platinum sawmill products. A separate mod that supplies platinum versions of Urjanvaara sawmills will be provided.
– Adjusted: Selling station Kaukovaara Estate is now called more precisely Animal Trader at Kaukovaara Estate.
– Adjusted: Kari Kaukovaara at the animal trader now buys sugarcane. People around the village wonder why.
– Adjusted: The sell prices of planks and furniture were increased.
– Adjusted: The price of home delivered fuel oil was reduced to match latest price developments.
– Adjusted: The price of water was reduced to a value that is possible in Finland, while more expensive than average.
– Adjusted: The edges of vehicle spawn areas are now farther away from the fence to make driving spawned vehicles easier.
– Adjusted: The height of grass was increased.
– Adjusted: The branches of a couple spruce trees that were hanging over a small dotted road near the Farming Shop were raised so that those are less in the way.
– Adjusted: The maximum summer temperature is now set at 25 °C instead of the vanilla 30 °C.
– Fixed: The Grocery Store sell point is now better at buying pallets that are on the ground or on forks.
– Fixed: Normals of the flagpole knob are now facing the correct direction.
– Removed: The custom plank stack. The pallet type of planks was reverted to vanilla due to added Platinum Expansion support making the custom stack redundant. Selling your existing plank pallets is recommended before updating.
– Removed: Empty store icons of some pre-placed selling stations.



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