Farming Simulator 22 Production Chains Video + Screenshots

Farming Simulator 22 Production Chains Video + Screenshots

Giants QA Lead Ken Burgess and Gameplay Programmer Marius Hofmann presents us new feature production chains in a gameplay video. Lets see it in action.

Giants states that this feature is still work in progress so things can change until the final game will be relased on November 22nd.

Starting your productions

Let’s investigate an example how things work. Grain mill will be used not only to sell your wheat but as well as a production plant and a placeable that processes your grains. Here you can visit the one that is built in the map or you can buy and place your own mill on your land property.

Farming Simulator 22 Production Chains Video + Screenshots

Farming Simulator 22 Production Chains Video + Screenshots

So if you will not sell your wheat you can after harvesting transport it to the mill and make fine flour. Afterwards visit local bakery and there you can product bread or cake. You will have a new section called recipes that will inform you what production plant can produce via production chains. Take a look and investigate what is needed and what can be completed at what place.

Making cake!

Production plant will also be as your storage center for your ingredients. If you want to produce something that will need more then 1 ingridients simply store what you have and once everything that is need will be delivered the production will start. For example a cake will require you to have Flour, eggs, sugar, milk, butter and strawberries.

Farming Simulator 22 Production Chains Video + Screenshots

Sometimes thngs will not be that easy as you will need to produce ingridients and not only harvest. Example – butter: you need to produce at the dairy plant by delivering fresh milk. Maybe you just start with bread, instead, to get the hang of it. Don’t worry. You’ll get multiple production chains started simultaneously in no time. The delicious (and valuable) cake will be worth it. Take a look:

Farming Simulator 22 Production Chains Video + Screenshots

Move the product, and step up production!

Once something is produced you can sell it in few ways. Either the production plant sells it automatically right away and takes it off your hands, or generates a palette you can move yourself (to generate more money, of course). In most cases, you have the choice where to sell the goods: the supermarket or the farmer’s market, for example.

Further in the game you can build multiple mills, dairies, and bakeries at once to make up for resources not piling up fast enough. Don’t forget about storage, it’s very important to have a plan how to store and seek your goods in multiple ways. In multiplayer mode you can cooperate with fellow players to make it as efficient as possible.

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2 years ago

J’ai trop hâte de conduire les tracteur.
Ça va être trop bien la chaîne de production de fs22.

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