Farming Simulator 22 Elmcreek

Farming Simulator 22 Elmcreek

Giants have introduced more news about the new map – Elmcreek that is in the Midwest of America. A video presentation is just below to look everything what can be found in the map.

What’s different from Ravenport?

Comparing FS 19 US map Ravenport with Elmcreek is flat with no coastline but does have a has a hidden canyon with a cave, which contains big rocks, embedded seamlessly into the landscape.

The map is not that flat as it can sound thought. There will be places like railroad line where you can drive under it or over it with a help of bridges and not only that but there will be bridges over rivers or streams.

What else is there to discover?

Farming Simulator 22 Elmcreek

Elmcreek has focus on vast farmland areas. The main drive of the map is that it has few residential areas and businesses and mostly it’s industrial map. On the other hand, it’s not deadland there is a fairly big town with gas station, small businesses, residential areas, even a baseball stadium, and a bowling center and few special places to find while playing with seasons activated.

Farming Simulator 22 Elmcreek

Farming Simulator 22 Elmcreek

How does the farm layout look like?

In this map farm is based in the middle with a lot of room in any direction to expand and reate your own farm. There is only few buildings in your farm to have as much room for development as possible and the buildings that are available all are open and accessible. You are free to build your own buildings and avoid any unnecessary buildings from the start.

The available barn and garage have multiple level intererios. So you will have place to store your vehicles and all other farming tools and items. Most of small vehicles should fit inside.

Farming Simulator 22 Elmcreek

What about field shapes and sizes?

When you start the map the available fields may be small but as well as your “pockets” are not that big. The map has total of 81 fields, thats the biggest map from this perspective in all FS games. As always standard features will be available to merge or create your own fields. The main tool for that is plow and your imagination.

It’s worth to note that this map has fields with various diffrent shapes in it. This gives more real feel as nothing is perfect in real farms either. On the other hand things will not always be that easy as you will need to take care of trees, combine fields while adjusting to the unique shapes as well to manage helpers and so on.

How does it work in multiplayer?

The map is also available for multiplayer mode. You will need to explere the map and in the corners farms will be available for multiplayer. They have the same layout concept as the starter farm, with small fields in proximity. The surrounding fields make them an ideal starting area with opportunities to expand later. You can, of course, build your own farms however you wish on any land that you own on the map.

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