You want to use the PlanET BGA from the game but never find a suitable place for it?
Then simply assemble it the way it suits you. Whether it’s a small farm or a large industrial BGA plant, with the modular PlanET BGA you can assemble your plant the way you want it.
The only limit is your own imagination as to how effectively the plant produces electricity, methane and digestate from all types of biomass.

Our new closed system makes it possible that the plant is not influenced by other productions. This also results in a variety of control options.

On the one hand the bunker (filling with biomass) and on the other hand the fermenter (processing the biomass). Both modules are always necessary.
With these two components, a fully functional plant can already be operated.
The production menu offers full control over how the plant should operate. In any case, the bunker must always be set to discharge in order to pass the filled biomass on to the fermenter.

The heart of every modular biogas plant. The fermenter.
Here you now have control over how you want to convert and pass on what. The fermenter always produces raw methane that is destined for further distribution.
In addition, you can adjust production so that you produce fermentation residues directly for the central fermentation residue store or for the secondary fermenter.
With a central fermentation residue storage, not only the liquid fermenter but also the digester can be filled specifically.

The liquid fermenter is designed directly for large quantities of slurry. It also gets more money out of the slurry and runs independently without an upstream fermenter.
The secondary fermenter converts the added substrate into more money, but requires the upstream fermenter.

The resulting raw methane can in principle already be sold in the individual modules. However, since it still contains impurities, the profit would not be as high.
All the fermentation residues produced can be collected in the central fermentation residue store. Here you decide whether to process them further or use them to fertilise the fields.

Now that you have got the most out of your biomass, you can sell it. The small and medium generators burn the raw methane with an efficiency of 80% and generate electricity from it.
The large generator (Stateron) and the methane sales module purify the raw methane with an efficiency of 60% and convert it into methane.

For those who use productions that also need electricity or methane as input, there are also the methane/electricity storage units. Like the outlets, these convert the raw methane into electricity (80%) or methane (60%).
Then it is passed on to the production plants via distribution.
But refuelling/charging is also possible there.

For placement, it is strongly recommended to use the “Free build” mode. (Standard key V)
Last but not least, the production limit of 60 total productions should be observed. If more are needed, the More Productions Possible mod by modelleicher, which is available in the Modhub, is suitable.

Tip: Before you use your existing savegame with this function, you should first test and try it out on a new savegame. Otherwise, the scope might be a little, well, a lot ;).

Module Overview

1. Bunker (Requires Fermenter)
Bunker overloaded once an hour completely to the digester.

Bunker Small:
Price: 56000 $
– Silage: 20000L
– Manure: 10000L
– Beet pulp: 10000L
Maintenance: 20 $

Bunker middle:
Price: 73500 $
– Silage: 60000L
– Manure: 20000L
– Beet pulp: 20000L
Maintenance:30 $

Bunker Large:
Price: 125000 $
– Silage: 80000L
– Manure: 35000L
– Beet pulp: 25000L
Maintenance: 50 $

2. Fermenter (Requires bunker. slurry can be added using the slurry storage)

Fermenter 100:
Price: 165000 $
In: each 100000L
Out: each 10000L
Maintenance: 20 $

Fermenter 200:
Price: 205000 $
In: each 200000L
Out: each 20000L
Maintenance: 25 $

Fermenter 300:
Price: 255000 $
In: each 300000L
Out: each 30000L
Maintenance: 35 $

Fermenter 400:
Price: 295000 $
In: each 400000L
Out: each 40000L
Maintenance: 45 $

4. Secondary fermenter (Requires digester and digestate storage)

Secondary digester 140:
Price: 150000 $
In: each 140000L
Out: each 20000L
Maintenance: 25 $

Secondary fermenter 200:
Price: 185000 $
In: each 200000L
Out: each 40000L
Maintenance: 35 $

Secondary fermenter 300:
Price: 210000 $
In: each 300000L
Out: each 60000L
Maintenance: 40 $

4. Liquid digester (Can be filled with liquid manure directly or through liquid manure storage)

Liquid digester:
Price: 240000 $
In: each 300000L
Out: each 100000L
Maintenance: 40 $

5. Liquid storage:

Liquid manure storage:
Price: 65000 $
– liquid manure: 2000000L
Maintenance: 20 $
Distributes slurry to digesters and liquid digesters.

Digestate storage:
Price: 56000 $
– Fermentation residues: 2000000L
Maintenance: 40 $
Collects fermentation residues from fermenter and secondary fermenter.

6. Sale (Sell your goods)

Generator Small:
Price: 75000 $
Electricity: Sales
Maintenance: 10 $

Generator Medium:
Price: 110000 $
Electricity: Sales
Maintenance: 30 $

Generator Large:
Price: 165000 $
Methane: Sale
Maintenance: 50 $

Methane sale:
Price: 85000 $
Methane: Sale
Maintenance: 15 $

7. Distributors: Converts factory electricity and storage gas into standard methane/electricity and can distribute them.

Electricity distributor:
Price: 95000 $
-Converter and distributor for productions that need electricity.
Maintenance: 40 $

Methane distributor:
Price: 75000 $
-Converter and distributor for productions that need methane
-Methane can also be refueled
Maintenance: 25 $

8. Other: (Deco)

Methane flare small:
Price: 2500 $
Maintenance: 3 $

Methane flare large:
Price: 4500 $
Maintenance: 5 $


– small fix, both flares not sellable when preplaced in mod maps
if “bought with farmland” parameter is set
– flares can also be renamed now
-ModDesc version updated
-Adaptation to Göweil DLC bales


Kastor [D-S-Agrarservice]

Download mod

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zip FS22_PlanET_BGA_Modular 33 MB

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