Take the next step in your operation with the new generation of 7m tractors that bring more productivity, economy and connectivity to your day to day and make work more enjoyable in every harvest.
The new 7M family of tractors brings important upgrades related to productivity, serviceability and cost reduction in operation.
New visual identity, CommandQuad and AutoQuad transmission, LED light packages and ease of operation are features of the new family.
The 7M family is versatile, technological and robust to ensure high performance in the field.

Features included in the mod
Price 7M AutoQuad: $162000
Price 7M CommandQuad: $177000
– Two 7M tractors equipped with AutoQuad and ComandQuad transmission
– Optional on models 7200M, 7215M and 7230M with 200, 215 and 230 hp respectively
– Optional Star Fire 7000 antenna together with the new G5 monitor, with the choice of this option the steering wheel can be raised at the same command of “folding the machine” changing the position of the operator’s arms, giving a more realistic appearance
– 5 optional tire brands
– Single tire options, single thin, balloon, rear double tire with normal and thin front tires, two full double tire options, and two rear double tire options with thin tires which do not damage the crop and sugarcane axle
– Controllable window, door, seat, sunshade, steering column and mirror animations
– 2 optional front weights along with the option of having or not having the rear linkage
– 3 coupling options for front loaders next to a sugar cane bumper
– Optional chain, toolbox and water container
– 3 exhaust options, being the standard, chrome tip and direct exhaust
– Optional front antennas
– 4 shades of glass
– Optional rear wheel weights along with front fenders
– Optional mirror and sunshade inside
– Optional instructor seat, thermos and px radio
– Optional side lights in the cabin
– Optional audible signal when engaging reverse gear
– Additional Isaria Pro Compact sensor possible, requires Precision Farming DLC
– Passanger seat supported, requires Kubota DLC


Agro Tonho

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