Farming Simulator 22 Introduction to Fields

Farming Simulator 22 Introduction to Fields

In this tutorial we will learn all that can be needed about fields and farmland in the FS22. There will be more in-depth tutorials available soon on as well but for start let’s learn all the basic things how it works.

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Field Information

Farming Simulator 22 Introduction to Fields

When standing on a field, you see context-sensitive information in the lower right corner of your screen.

Owner of the field” shows you if the field is yours or not. If it’s not, you have to buy the field from the farmland screen. Otherwise, you can’t use it.

The “crop type” displayed is currently growing on the field. When buying a new field, you might take over already planted crops.

Growth” indicates in what state the field and sown crops are at the moment.

Fertilized” tells you how much fertilizer is applied to the field. You can fertilize multiple times up to 100%.

Weed” tells you the level of weed growth on the field. It grows over time up to 100%, and lowers your yield. Get rid of it as soon as it grows.

The field info also tells you if liming or ploughing is necessary to gain full yield.

Map Information

Farming Simulator 22 Introduction to Fields

Open the menu and take a look at the map. On the right, you can see various filters providing you with important information. Crop types are visualized in different colors, so you can keep track of which field is growing what.

Farming Simulator 22 Introduction to Fields

The growth filter indicates the state of the fields, and the crops if they have been planted.

Farming Simulator 22 Introduction to Fields

The soil composition filter tells you if you need to remove weed, fertilize, plow, or lime the field as indicated by the respective colors.

Buying & Modifying Fields

Farming Simulator 22 Introduction to Fields

By opening the farmland screen, you get an overview over all the fields. Which ones are yours and which ones are available to buy. You can also sell fields if you need money for other investments.

You can also combine or enlarge fields. If adjacent fields are in your possession, and not separated by roads or other kinds of infrastructure, you can use a plow to create new fields or merge them by plowing the space in between. You have to activate the “create fields” function of your plow to do that. That also allows you to enlarge your fields if you need more space for your crops.

When buying new fields, try to buy fields close to each other. You save time traveling with your machinery.
You should also pay attention if there are trees in the field you want to buy. Forestry equipment, to get rid of them, is expensive.
Working a field that’s longer than wider also saves you time, since you have to do fewer turns.
Use the ridge marker when available. When cultivating or spraying, for example, the ridge marker creates a track for you to follow. Center your vehicle on those tracks to make sure you get perfect spacing between the rows.

Well done!

Congratulations, you now know the most important facts about fields. Take your time and start on the next lesson, when you’re ready. Stay with the Farming Simulator Academy and you become a top-notch virtual farmer in no time!

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