Farming Simulator 22 AI Worker

Farming Simulator 22 AI Worker

We all know that in a farm there is many tasks to take care of. If you are playing alone or your friends are out on a crossplay-session in FS22 hiring AI might solve all your problems.

Meet the semi-autonomous worker!

Farming Simulator 22 AI Worker

In the new AI worker screen you will manage all your workers. The system is upgraded and you can let AI overtake your current tasks like cultivating or many more.

How does it work?

Open AI-Worker screen and click on any vehicle/machine and select “create job”. The new window will let you select actions that your worker can do for you. If you want to send your worker somewhere you can do that by choosing a a specific unloading station or set down a marker on the map.

“Go to” – drive a machine/vehicle to a specific destination
“Field Work” – carry out a task associated with the machine at the target location
“Deliver” – deliver crops to the selected unloading station (can be looped)
“Load & Deliver” load goods at one station, and deliver it to the next (can be looped)

By selecting “looping” your worker will continuously repeat the task – as long as there is something to do. As an example if there is no more wheat in the silo to deliver to the bakery, he will stop.

Improving over time

Farming Simulator 22 AI Worker

As Giants state, they plan to further develop Farming Simulator 22 AI worker system in time depending on various feedbacks once the game launches.

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