Farming Simulator 22 Used Vehicles

Farming Simulator 22 Used Vehicles

In Farming Simulator 22 or any other FS you always have the same problem at the beggining how to buy all the needed vehicles with the litle money that you have? There is always an option to lease it, get a loan from a bank. If you want to be as efficient as possible go to the local dealer and check sales.

Agricultural machines for a discount

Farming Simulator 22 Used Vehicles

Giants have placed Over 400 machines and tools in the FS22 and the more you need it the more money it will cost you. If you want to buy the best machines you will need to earn some money and a good way to do that is to buy a used vehicle at the sales section and go farming!

The game will offer you quite a few machines at a good price. There are deals even such as big tractors with 500 hp and 50% off this can’t get any better then that.

What a bargain! What’s the catch?

Farming Simulator 22 Used Vehicles

As in real life buying an used vehicle can have some minuses as well. Depending on the discount size, your “new” tractor or any other vehicle will require some repairs and the performance obviously will be not as in it’s best days. So what you get, a used machine that has lost some amount of power and a list of repairs to get it back on track. Another downside here is that even if you repair your “new” machine it will wear off quicker again compared to a brand new vehicle and new repairs will be needed again.

Get a new paint job, too!

Farming Simulator 22 Used Vehicles

And that’s not all. To make your tractor look good as new you will need to get a paintwork as this will be demaged as well.

So, are used vehicles worth their money?

To sum up everything, yes a used vehicle is still a smart decision when thinking about the money that you spend and money that you can earn to buy a new machine.

The broader working-width of your new but used cultivator, for example, compensates for the lower working-speed due to its condition without further repair. And, as soon as you get it back up to speed, you’ll get even more for the low amount of money you paid in the first place.

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