Map Trailer for Zielonka

Map Trailer for Zielonka

Farming simulator 22 Premium Expansion is on the corner. This update will bring also a new map Zielonka that is located in Central European. You can see the map trailer just above. Below we will share what we know about the map + some screenshots. The expansion is coming on November 14th.

The Charm of Central European Farming

Map Trailer for Zielonka2

Zielonka expresses the flair of Germany’s neighbors, drawing inspiration from countries like Poland and the Czech Republic. Not only does it offer a picturesque landscape around a remote and quaint village, it also has fertile ground to cultivate the new vegetable crops.

Map Trailer for Zielonka3

With carrots, parsnips, and red beet, the Premium Expansion brings the total count of arable crops in Farming Simulator 22 to twenty. Of course, new machines and tools like specialized harvesters to handle the additions become available with the expansion, too.

Home of Pianos & Vegetable Exports

Map Trailer for Zielonka4

Above all, a renowned piano manufacturer is resident alongside other traditional businesses in Zielonka. You may profit heavily from supporting the construction of classical keyboard instruments: By supplying wood, every piano built becomes a source of revenue for the discerning farmer. Have fun with this new production chain!

Map Trailer for Zielonka5

There are new factories, too: Focusing on vegetables, the potato production plant produces crispy potato chips, the preserved food factory canned goods, while the beloved soup factory called “Zup, Zup, Zup” specializes in liquid food. All of them reward you with increased income for delivering produce.

Map Trailer for Zielonka6

More screenshots from Zielonka

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